TikTok Has Resurrected The Wild Conspiracy That Lea Michele Has Been Illiterate All Her Life

lea michele illiterate

Can Lea Michele read? Will she ever redeem herself from the shadows of her villainous past? When will Ryan Murphy stop? These are the questions I ask myself each night before I sleep.

The theory that everyone’s second-least favourite Glee cast member is illiterate definitely isn’t a new one. However, it’s seeing a second life on TikTok. All hail the resurrection of this conspiracy theory because it is so fkn wild and delicious.

In case you missed it or just weren’t on Twitter back in 2018, this entire rumour (full of pretty damning evidence) began with just one 40-minute video.

It was a vid titled “Lea Michele Is Illiterate” which was created by Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman for their podcast One More Thing. You can’t watch it now though because it’s been taken down.

Thanks to TikToker @kelseylikesthings however, we now have a summary of what that 40-min vid contained.

Apparently, the old vid focused on Michele’s life as a child Broadway star turned hated actress at the helm of Ryan Murphy’s most brain-damaging show to date, Glee. It argues that having a life propelled by fame and success meant Michele never went to school and, well, you get the picture.

But since not everyone was reading Buzzfeed or scrolling Twitter in 2018, a couple of folks missed the memo. Thus, why TikTokers have spread the rumour around once more.

You can watch the damning TikTok:


Reply to @kelseylikesthings greenscreen glee leamichele nayarivera popculture conspirancytheory fyp foryou xyzcba

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Those of us who have seen the historic “Lea Michele is Illiterate” video, like @kelseylikesthings, have been blessed with insane amounts of knowledge. It is their job to tell these tales. May it trickle down from parent to child in a never-ending continuum and never leave us.

Despite TikTok having a field day with the old rumour though, one thing it can’t beat is the 2018 Twitter memes about the conspiracy.

Here are some of the fire tweets that blew up at the time. Witness them in all their glory.

It’s one thing to create an entire conspiracy theory about an actor not being able to read or write, but it’s another to have extreme amounts of evidence from every stage of their life. The fact this whole thing even happened is beyond belief.

This next meme had me screaming.

Well if you need me I’m going to be reading and writing. Which I totally can do. No investigation needs to be done here, no sir.

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