This TikToker Is Explaining Inflation For The Girls And Finally, I Think I Get It

what is inflation explainer tiktok

Inflation. For millennia, girls, gays and financial theys have asked: “What IS inflation?”, “Why does inflation happen?” and “If there’s something out there that keeps inflating, and that’s a bad thing, why can’t we just approach it with a giant toothpick and pop it so it deflates?”.

Thankfully, there’s someone out there explaining wildly confusing terms like inflation for the financially challenged girlies. There’s no reason to gatekeep such important information from our brains, after all.

Now before I continue, I’d like to clarify a few things. Firstly, “the girls” can be anyone. “The girlies” is an all-inclusive term for whoever wishes to identify as such.

The term has pretty much nothing to do with gender, although it is absolutely a satirical take on the misogynistic idea that women don’t belong in intelligent spaces. In fact, it exists to diminish men who excel in academia, as it characterises political and economic knowledge as unimportant — after all, why would you carry all of this stuff in your brain when you can look gorgeous and slay all day?

Okay, serious stuff OVER. Let’s get into this. So… what is inflation?

Self-proclaimed queer comic and professor at bimbo university Nikita (@nikitadumptruck) has made a video explaining exactly what this monetary phenomenon is in simple-to-understand terms and finally, I think I get it. My brain has just unlocked. Creases are forming in my soft little chicken breast brain.

Wow. That made complete sense. I feel ENLIGHTENED.

“I’m not a girly and still eat this up lol you’re amazing at explaining complicated subjects in a fun manner,” wrote one commenter.

“This really demonstrates how deeply you understand this to be able to break it down in your own way, very slay of you thanks queen,” wrote another.

“I learn more here than a six-month course of Economics,” wrote a third.

Financially-challenged girlies may recognise Queen Nikita from other popular videos, like this one where she explains the debt ceiling.

It’s amazing how easy it is to teach people these things without being verbose to gatekeep them from the information.

If you don’t speak girly — or just possess a brain that’s wrinkled beyond belief — TikTok has a whole smorgasbord of explainers on things like inflation that will help you understand what’s going on.

Maybe this one from Naomi Brockwell (@naomibrockwell) will assist you.

After all this, the only thing that should be inflated is your BRAIN. (And also the economy, which won’t fkn calm down).

Stay safe out there friends, and always remember: no information is too difficult to understand. You just need a girly to explain it all to you.