New ground has been broken on this here day my friends, because the supreme chaotic energy of TikTok has resulted in someone dying their hair the exact shade of green that allows them to green screen whatever they want on their scalp. And it is glorious content.

My For You page vomited this stunning display of unhinged creativity onto my feed this morning on my way to work, resulting in me both wheezing and audibly cackling on the train from behind my mask. It’s a serious level of dedication and commitment to the bit, I simply have to applaud it and then share it with you all.

TikToker @urboygary (also known as Lena) posted her hair journey earlier this month, where she strived to turn her hair into such a lurid shade that she could trick green screen technology with her bonce. It’s a truly follicle fantasy, and would you believe – it worked a fucken treat.


Green screen hair: the next frontier #greenscreenhair #hair #fyp #diyhair

♬ Show Me How (Album V) – Men I Trust

In the video, Lena’s documented herself cutting off all her hair and shaving her head, growing a healthy amount of fuzz back in, before scalp bleaching and then slathering bright green dye all over her noggin. From there, she green screens the only suitable and allowable video onto her own salad – I’m not about to spoil that bit for you, just go watch it.

Lena’s 100% correct in dubbing this “the next frontier”. Could you even imagine what this might mean for the future of movie magic? The mind boggles with the opportunities that have suddenly presented themselves.

Has anyone checked in on Peter Jackson and whether his head has exploded with ideas for the 40th Avatar film? Can we somehow paint Vin Diesel‘s scalp and project an entire Fast & The Furious heist scene for the next iteration in the Fast cinematic universe? Will we somehow see one of the Jackass guys (Dave England, surely) dying their pubes to superimpose their best skate tricks onto their crotch in the not too distant future?

But back to Lena. Before she eventually got over her outrageously green lid, she tried it on with another green screen effect, and straight up looked like something from a Tame Impala video clip. Someone get Kev Parker on the phone, I’ve got an idea for his next single.


thanks for the idea #hair #greenscreenhair #adultswim #fyp

♬ Running Away – VANO 3000 & BADBADNOTGOOD & Samuel T. Herring

Since her green screen salad, Lena has re-bleached and toned her hair to a pure white, painted on black dye splodges, and given herself Cow Hair, which I also have to respect. She’s also done Tennis Ball Hair, and cut in a full blue arrow like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. She admits that last one may have been a slight mistake.

Image: TikTok / @urboygarry