In a nice little chunk of good news for your week, TikTok star and ultimate chill king 420Doggface (aka Nathan Apodaca) has been gifted a brand new car from the company who quenched his thirst in the OG viral video – Ocean Spray.

Posting a new video to his Instagram this morning, Nathan shared the moment the team from Ocean Spray showed up at his caravan’s door with the keys to a new ute, complete with a back tray absolutely chockers with bottles of cranberry juice.

Would you just clap your eyes on this precious moment for a bloke who went from posting a TikTok of himself vibing out on a skateboard to now being loved and gifted stuff from fans all over the world? Real king shit.

The tight new whip comes after Nathan revealed he’s been gifted over $13k in donations from people who saw and loved his videos on TikTok, and learned that he was living out of an RV without any power or running water.

And as for the viral video itself, well the Internet has done what it does best and memed the shit out of it. The #DreamsChallenge has been picked up and redone countless times, including by some very big names like Mick Fleetwood himself ducking out for a gentle roll on his own board. The power this has, people.

The challenge has been around the world and racked up millions of hits and views – and landed 420Doggface / Nathan himself with over a million Instagram followers – but nothing has given me the same brain-go-brrr serotonin hit than the original video (or this very seasonal Halloween Pumpkin Spice Latte one) did.

Until this absolute sick kent took the challenge and turned it into a mullet-flying, Very-Best-sipping Australian masterpiece.

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This hot run of good news coming from my new favourite Internet person and TikTok King 420Doggface208 is extremely the kind of content I want and need at this point in 2020. For the love of God if this man somehow decides to fuck it up and wind up being a Bad Man, I’m going to be absolutely livid.

Do not do this to us, 420Doggface. Do not ruin this.

Image: TikTok / Instagram / @doggface208