This TikToker Acts Out Wild IRL Encounters With Celebs & It’s Basically Deuxmoi In Video Form

Do you know what’s better than a celebrity goss account on social media? A celebrity goss TikTok where someone re-enacts the wild AF yarns they receive. Enter @DearJane.

Much like top tier goss account Deuxmoi, @DearJane – or just Jane – receives stories about celebrity run-ins from randoms on Instagram. But instead of just sharing the deets via blurred out screenshots, she fully re-enacts them on TikTok.

Take one of her latest vids for example, in which Jane shares the interesting story of an actor asking for a massage.

Before we begin, Jane would like to make it clear that the stories she receives have not been “independently confirmed”, so it’s up to you to “believe it or not”.

Aight, so this particular run-in apparently went down in the early 2000s at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.

The person who sent in the story remained anonymous, but they shared that a “famous actor” came in one day and scheduled a massage.

While the massage therapist was getting ready in a separate room, the actor started to remove his clothes. And when the therapist returned, the actor was “on all fours on [the] massage table”.

I cannot do this story justice in words, but the actor proceeded to then point to his anoose because that’s where he wanted to be massaged. SIR?

Actually, he didn’t just point – he apparently spread his cheeks wide too.


The massage therapist was, uh, shocked to say the least, so they told her manager, who then told the actor’s security that they couldn’t provide that service.

I have one word and that word is WHOMST?


Love his movies tho! Story was sent to me, up to you to believe it or not. Not independently confirmed! #storytime #story #tea #celeb 🕺🏻

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

While Jane kept the identity of the actor to herself, she did say she still loves his movies. So again, WHOMST?

Jane has collected all sorts of goss on Dear Jane, by the way. Think: a Nickelodeon star being a shit, a wild party at a reality TV star’s mansion, and odd food requests at restaurants.

And, this one time an actor apparently went full aggro on an extra on set for patting his dog. What a weirdo.


Go follow @jamescalixtetv ! TMZ posted an article about his landlord complaining about actors dog in 2020 😅 #story #tea #celeb #storytime

♬ Tea at Tiffani’s – Orchestra Heinz Kiessling

I feel like Jane definitely hides some clues about who’s who in her TikToks, though.  I mean, cop the caption in the below video.

In one video, she re-enacted a time in 2014 Barcelona when a famous boyband from the ’90s walked into a hotel bar.

Jane claimed a stan walked up to one member and they got friendly, fast. So then they legged it to the restroom next to the bar and the bloke’s bodyguard waited (!!!) in front of the door while they presumably fucked.

Apparently no one was allowed to use the restroom during that time, which is just wild. Get a room, bloody hell.


Some people simply want it that way 😅 Story was sent to me 😇 #story #storytime #tea #boyband #parody

♬ Warm ‘n’ cuddly – Orchestra Heinz Kiessling

It’s the colour on the face “from hair dye he used for his beard” that does it for me.