This TikToker Uses A Machine To Make Brainwave Art And Recreated *That* Ratatouille Scene

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My friends, have you ever watched that one scene in Ratatouille where he eats the cheese and strawberries and wanted that same kind of brain-magic while you nom away? Well, one woman on TikTok has made that fantasy a reality, and it’s pretty fkn awesome.

TikTok user @brainwavebtch has developed a nifty device that sits on her head and reads her brainwaves, inspired by the main rat Remy himself, and it’s so mesmerising to watch.

She mainly uses the device to create and sell art, but also humours requests on TikTok from people who want to see what it’s like when she eats a whole range of foods. If the people ask you to eat pineapple for views, you do it, goddammit.

Her most popular vid, obviously, is when she tried eating cheese and strawberries together just like Remy in Ratatouille. Yes, the results are magical, but did you expect anything less?


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And the results vary depending on the foods, with sour things exploding in wild colours, and foods she doesn’t like coming up in very dull, slow, grey hues.

Here’s @brainwavebtch munching on some lemon for our viewing pleasure. Couldn’t be me, I’ll tell you that much.


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And here’s a vid featuring some rather disappointing chicken wings.


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For curious minds like mine, @brainwavebtch has also made a video explaining how and why she created this pretty slick piece of technology.

“The brainwave art software that I developed for while I eat is 100% inspired by Remy’s type of synaesthesia that he has,” she says in a video.

“I developed it about a year and a half ago whenever they put out that Ratatouille musical, and the software is 100% geared towards my sensory issues while I eat.

“It’s measuring my relaxation and my anxiety, so the more relaxed I am and the more I’m enjoying food, the more fireworks… but the more anxiety I’m having and the less I’m enjoying the food, they’re going to be more opaque.”


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And hell, for all you Harry Potter fans out there, @brainwavebtch has even created a program that will use your brain waves to decide which house you belong in.

I’m going to be thinking really yellow thoughts from now on just to claim Hufflepuff yet again.

If you need me, I’m going to be nomming on some cheese and strawberries. But without the cool fireworks. It’ll just be me alone on my kitchen counter, looking like a rat.