Someone has made my favourite reality TV moment into a t-shirt and that is the time Tiffany Pollard mistakenly thought David Gest was dead on Celebrity Big Brother. So yes, I will be purchasing one immediately.

In case you missed it: back in 2016 news broke that music royalty David Bowie had sadly died. At the time, Bowie’s first wife Angie Bowie was in the Big Brother house, along with other celebs like Daniella Westbrook, Jonathan Cheban, David Gest and of course, Tiffany Pollard.

When Angie is informed about the passing of her ex-husband, she confided in Tiffany to tell her the sad news. However, Tiffany immediately assumed that Angie is talking about their fellow CBB housemate, David Gest. And the famous line “David is dead” was officially born.

I come back to this video every year and literally cry of laughter. It’s just so good.

TikTok user Leakie, who makes t-shirt art out of iconic meme-worthy moments, has made *that* Tiffany/David debacle into a masterpiece. The best part is she peels off the lettering in perfect timing with the audio, and it truly is ~ mesmerising~. It’s on par with watching slime videos.


Davids dead! available on etsy and our website now! ???? #davidsdead #davidsdeadcbb #bigbrother #realitytv #britishhumour #inkyapparelcreations

♬ original sound – Celebrity Big Brother UK

It’s the way Leakie peels off the word ‘chill’ for me.

The Plastic Peeling Connoisseur has made similar items for other viral videos too. Like the vid where the little girl says: “thanks a lot Rachael, thanks a lot.”


Thanks for the custom order @gtwaddell This will be available on our website from tomorrow #thanksalotrachel #inkyapparel #ipad #thanksalotyouidiot

♬ original sound – Kailin Chase

She even makes them for viral TikTok vids.


available on our website now ???? #ivebeenstungbyawasp #funnyvideos #tshirt #wasp #viral #inkyapparelcreations #remix

♬ Ive been stung by a wasp – Duke & Jones

And this iconic moment from Gavin & Stacey.


Reply to @achanti.palmer message us for a free t shirt ???? available on our etsy ???? #smithy #gavinandstacey #chickenbhuna #tshirt #whatsoccuring

♬ Smithys Indian takeaway – Aaron Hussain

You can purchase any one of these fabulous designs from Leakie’s Etsy store here.

So BRB just straight up buying the whole store.

Image: Etsy / Leakie