This TikTok Reckons Regina George Is A Closet Lesbian And Honestly Everything Makes Sense Now

The TikTok I have been WAITIIIING for has just outlined why Regina George (Rachel McAdams) is absolutely a closeted lesbian and honestly, I have known this deep down in my heart for some time now.

The TikTok (from @lizzie.mchigher) starts off by discussing the queerphobia in Mean Girls, before listing a bunch of evidence that Regina George is absolutely and totally a closeted lesbian that’s probably obsessed with Cady (Lindsay Lohan), and *definitely* obsessed with hot women. Buckle in folks, we’re about to spiral.

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Regina George constantly brings up lesbians

The TikTok starts off with the point that “queer panic is one of the driving plot forces” of Mean Girls – and that it’s Regina George who constantly brings up lesbianism and hot girls in the first place, which is projection if I’ve ever seen it.  She’s the only one who regularly brings fears of Janis (Lizzy Caplan) perving on girls, but also checks out every girl she sees for ‘fashion criticism’ reasons (or so she tells herself).

Are you sure it’s the skirt you’re looking at, Regina?? Or is there something else in that area that’s drawing your attention? HMMM.

Regina George doesn’t seem to actually like any of the guys she dates

The TikTok also shows a bunch of scenes where Regina doesn’t even seem to like any of the guys she dates – when her date wins Prom King at the end of the film, Regina just rolls her eyes at him, and when she shows off her relationship with Aaron, she pays more attention to Cady’s reaction to him than the actual man himself.

The other times we see her hooking up with guys, it’s usually either part of an elaborate plan to maintain her status, make someone else jealous or insecure, or get something. Guys seem to be disposable to her, but it’s girls that she gets hung up on and plots against.

I mean, all the times she flirted with Aaron and tried to sabotage Cady were less about actually being with him, and more about preventing Cady from getting with him. Think about it – maybe she was never jealous that Aaron liked Cady, but that Cady liked Aaron, because she liked Cady!! Because she is a closet gay!!!!

People have a tendency to project their insecurities

One of my most toxic teenage traits was projecting my insecurities onto people and then using that as an excuse to dislike them, which I’m obvs past because ~ character development ~, but Regina George is like 17, has the self awareness of a walnut, and can’t really see past her own obsession with dominating other hot girls (!!!).

I mean, she literally made an entire scrapbook dedicated to other girls!! She likes women!!

My fave part of the TikTok is how it shows Regina George saying Janice’s dream is to dive into a pile of girls, only to cut to the scene where Regina becomes an athlete and gets piled on by a bunch of girls… the poetic justice is tew much.

The TikToker ends her thesis with “in conclusion, regina Georges character arc can be summed up in this tweet” and folks… truer words were never spoken.