The Best Tweets & Memes From The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Show Since You Forgot To Watch It

The Weeknd

In case you missed it, major American football event the Super Bowl is happening today in COVID-infested Florida, which seems like a really hygienic idea. It’s seriously like the US has just given up? Anyway. It’s happening and in 2021 for Super Bowl LV, purveyor of sex music The Weeknd got the call up to do the lauded halftime show.

(Also some football teams are playing but we’re only here for the music.)

Coming through with a set including his smash hits Starboy, Can’t Feel My Face, and I Feel It Coming, The Weeknd stunned with a hall of mirrors, lookalike dancers with bandaged (and COVID-masked, clever) faces, and a rousing rendition of his viral, TikTok-fuelled hit Blinding Lights. You can cop the entire Super Bowl halftime show here:

But of course with a very public event like the Super Bowl, people on Twitter had THOUGHTS.

The general consensus was it was actually a pretty great performance, but there was one glorious moment as Can’t Feel My Face kicked in which saw The Weeknd running confused down a hall of mirrors (complete with blinding lights, see what he did there). His very confused, lost and forlon little trot had people coming through with the most relatable damn tweets you’ve ever seen.

From childhood:

To the household:

To teen drama:

A pandemic throwback:

Retail agony:

Definitely done this.

Extremely good areas here:

Anyone who has been to Hawaii will understand:

Then people seemed to be amused by the extremely cooked screenshots they could get of The Weeknd.

The Weeknd inspired some mask-related LOLs:

And some fans just could not handle The Weeknd WINKING.

Some people threw in a few references to The Weeknd’s favourite choice of subject matter.

And of course, how could there be ANY kind of talked-about event with this?

Thanks for the mems and the memes, The Weeknd.

(Oh and looks like the Tampa (?) Bay (??) Buccaneers (???) won the football thing 31-9. So there’s that too.)

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