TikTok Has Discovered This X-Rated Project Fuck-Up From 2013 & It’s Gone Viral Worldwide

After holding out for as long as I could, I’ve finally succumbed to cyber peer pressure and downloaded the almighty video sharing app known as TikTok (that’s right, it’s not just a Kesha song). As I’ve incessantly scrolled through the feeds and engaged with posts that take my fancy (mostly Aussie content, newsy stuff and generally funny shit), the algorithm has cottoned on to my interest and it’s started to share primo content that it knows I’ll love, which is how I’ve come across this viral The Project interview from 2013.

I was stunned to see that an iconique blunder by the Aussie news program was popping off overseas, but honestly I ain’t mad about it because I had no idea that this glorious moment occurred but now I am and my life is infinitely better.

In the clip, The Project presenter Dr. Andrew Rochford says, “Supposedly doctors waiting rooms may soon be empty with advanced apps being developed to help people diagnose and treat themselves.”

He then introduces beloved comedian Kitty Flanagan and says, “Should I be worried about my job?” But get this: he accidentally calls her ‘Klitty.’ Fucking WHOOPS.

Right on queue, Flanagan fires back: “If you keep calling me Klitty, you should.”

Catch the viral Klitty clip below:


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♬ original sound – News fails

I scoured the internet to find the full scene from The Project on YouTube and here ya have it, via a channel called: Rove Online Clips.

In the comments section, a bunch of folks point out that they have flocked to the page due to the video going viral on TikTok and that’s the power of the yoof obsessed app, my friends. It’s made an embarrassing Aussie blunder go international.

We love to see it.

Catch the full scene below. God bless the internet.