There are few more devastating moments in Australian television history than when Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez) passed away after being hit by a car on Offspring. But for the Californian skate punk band The Offspring, it became a rare opportunity to troll the shit out of a swathe of grieving Aussies.

I fear I have never felt the level of grief for a fictional character as deeply as I did — and still do — for Patrick. When the devastating episode aired on the 7th of August 2013, people did the only thing they felt they could do to go through the natural stages of mourning: they took to Twitter.

It seems that through their probable tear-soaked eyes, a lot of people directed their disbelief, anger and sadness to the wrong Offspring collective. Instead of tweeting at Offspring (the television show), they tagged in Offspring (the band).

And the band replied.

Noodles (AKA Kevin Wasserman) dished out some hard truths about life, grief and how death will eventually come knocking on everyone’s doors.

Before long he was reminding people that Offspring really is just a scripted program on the telly and we shouldn’t let it get to us too much. I mean Matthew Le Nevez didn’t actually die — in fact, he went on to star on Celebrity MasterChef in 2021.

Then Noodles decided to lean right in and kick the hornet’s nest with a tweet that still lives rent-free in my mind nearly a decade later.

Honestly, a Hall Of Famer of a tweet. Hang it in the Louvre. One of the all-timers on the bad bird website.

Let this be a word of warning to you all who love to fire off tweets in the heat of the moment: make sure you’re tagging in the right account. Don’t assume because, as my mum always says, that’ll just make an ass of u in front of me.

Image: Offspring / Channel Ten / Twitter / @offspring