Tell Us Why You Love Japan To Win Tix To The Suntory BOSS Coffee Tokyo House Pop-Up In Syd


Remember those Tommy Lee Jones Japanese coffee ads that went viral on Facebook nearly ten years ago? I remember being so perplexed and intrigued at the time. What was this coffee in a can? And how did they get Tommy Lee Jones?

These ads are a trip if you haven’t seen them. Truly tremendous pieces of art, and to my gleeful surprise, the iced coffee in a can is actually available here in Australia. Too many times have I fallen in love with an international brand, just to have my heart ripped out to find out it’s exclusive to one country.

Not only is the coffee available here in Australia, but Suntory BOSS is actually holding a pop-up activation in Sydney to show off expert Japanese coffee making. Using a “Flash Brew” method famous in Japan, Suntory Boss is showing that baristas from Melbourne aren’t the only ones who know how to make a quality cup of joe.

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Are you a fellow caffeine-head that would hook up an IV drip of coffee into you if society would allow it? Then this might be for you.

We have five double passes up for grabs, all you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less, tell us why you love Japan for a chance to win tickets to Suntory BOSS Coffee’s Tokyo House pop-up happening in Sydney.

For the event, Suntory BOSS has partnered with a bunch of diverse talent from mixologists, chefs, artists and DJs to create an immersive Japanese experience for a limited time from February 17 to March 4.

So is your love for Japan inspired by its rich culture and aesthetics? Or are you a huge foodie that’s obsessed with their awesome cooking skills? We wanna know!

I’m personally a huge fan of Japanese games and their contagious campy charm. You don’t see risks like this taken in media nowadays.

If you don’t wanna leave it up to chance and want to try out the Japanese coffee so good that Tommy Lee Jones would star in a series of ads for them, click here to score your own tickets.

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