An absolute legend called Tahleya Eggers was caught looking unimpressed AF when Scott Morrison hung out in the Eels change room, yet was “too busy” to attend to the March 4 Justice rally.

Morrison visited the Parramatta Eels change room post match, after the Prime Minister’s beloved Sharkies lost 28-4. He then shook hands with players, congratulating them on the win. So I guess our PM would rather respect his team’s competition than women????

But one person in the room was not buying the charade, Eels sports scientist Tahleya Eggers who looked more than unimpressed.

Thankfully, someone caught the moment on camera and it’s since gone viral.

Eggers even responded in a now deleted viral tweet, revealing that yes, she was indeed unimpressed. Thankfully, I have the receipts.

“Proud to claim this one! I will not respect a man who has the time to shake hands of men who have won a football match but is “too busy” to attend the March for Justice,” she wrote.

The Eels reviewed Eggers comments but have made a decision not to hand down any sanction because she shared her personal views, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

“Tahleya was responding to a social meme that was not of her making,” an Eels spokesman said in the report.

“The club is comfortable with her clarifying her personal position and we consider the matter now closed.”

This comes just after another woman went viral for being unimpressed with ScoMo. And I’m sensing somewhat of a pattern here.

The woman at the centre of the meme, confirmed that she really was disinterested when the PM tried to talk to her at a pub. She also confirmed what Morrison was talking to her about.

“He was asking me about what beer I was drinking. Couldn’t get out of there fast enough!” she wrote.

Well maybe if ScoMo wants women to care about him, he should care about them first.