Redditors Slam Sydney Couple After Sitting Their Dog Ontop Of A Table At Guzman Y Gomez

A Sydney couple have been put on blast on Reddit after they were spotted doing a “disgusting” act while dining at Newtown’s Guzman y Gomez. Ay, dios mio.

Reddit is definitely an interesting space on the internet. Some folks use the platform to talk shit about reality TV, others go on there to see if they’re the asshole and a large majority (me included) jump on there to complain.

Recently, the Aussie side of Reddit — specifically r/Sydney — was set ablaze after a user shared a picture of a couple in what appears to be Newtown Guzman y Gomez enjoying a meal with their doggo sat on the counter.

“This couple with their dog sitting on a counter where people eat.” (Image source: Reddit / r/sydney & r/mildlyinfuriating)

In the original post, which was first shared to the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit, punters vented their concerns with germs and dog owners being “selfish”.

“Tapeworm eggs very similar to sesame seeds, don’t mix it up,” one user shared.

“Yeah, can’t wait to sit there and eat where your dog’s @$$ was,” another Redditor commented.

“People are so selfish nowadays… as long as they are happy, what else matters right?” wrote a third.

In the r/Sydney subreddit, users continued to share their frustrations with the couple and their “selfish” act.

“I love dogs, but what kind of an idiot puts their dog on a table where people eat! I bet this couple doesn’t pick up their dog’s shit from the footpath too,” one user vented.

Guzman y Gomez responds to viral dog photo

In a statement obtained by Dail Mail Australia, a Guzman y Gomez spokesperson claimed the shift leader on duty asked the couple to take the dog down after the photo went viral online.

“GYG’s Shift Leader asked the guest to take the dog off the bench (and out of the restaurant) as soon as they saw this occurring. It appears another guest took a photo prior to this occurring,” they shared.

“GYG’s policy is in line with NSW Food Authority guidelines: pet dogs are not allowed in restaurants, pet dogs may be allowed in outdoor dining areas only at the discretion of the business, and live animals are not permitted in areas where food is handled.

“Assistance animals (such as service dogs) must be allowed in areas used by customers. It’s disappointing that a guest chose to do this however the team at GYG followed our policies as soon as they were aware.”

One Cali burrito without the dog bum residue pls. (Image source: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

As a fellow dog owner, I am horrified by the idea of eating on a bench that a dog’s big bundah has been on. Even if it’s my own dog, the thought of it grosses me out.

From now on, I’m bringing Pine-O-Clean and a Chux everywhere I go!! Ew, brother!