This Utterly Cooked Art Restoration That Someone Did In Spain, Will Make You Scream Internally

This latest art restoration of a statue in Spain is well and truly, fucked. It’s so bad that it’s now been coined the “potato head”, and has since gone viral on social media.

The original statue in the northern Spanish city of Palencia is meant to be a beautiful woman, but has been restored to look like one of the Floop’s Fooglies from Spy Kids.

Look at this utterly messed up before and after.

Image: Antonio Guzmán Capel

Now, tell me this doesn’t look like one of those cooked creatures from Spy Kids.

It’s the round eyes that aren’t even symmetrical for me. Like how could they have possibly gotten it all so wrong?

I really want to know what person put their hand up for an art restoration that they were clearly unqualified for? Honestly, it looks like an art project I would have done in Year 8 and been laughed at for, by my mentally-unhinged ceramics teacher. Yes, I explicitly remember you throwing my ceramic squid into the bin, and then laughing at how ugly it looked. I will never forget.

My childhood-trauma aside, it’s not the first time that someone has royally fucked up an art restoration. In 2012, there was a repainting of a 19th-century fresco of Jesus, which looked like something out of the 1968 Planet of the Apes.

Sorry, but is this another case of someone embellishing their resume to look like they’ve done art restorations, but really just did art in Year 10?

Image: The Guardian

The Palencia statue, was originally unveiled in 1923, and is an extremely valuable and precious piece. So what the hell happened?

A professional art restorers and conservationist company in Madrid called ACRE, suggested that the the organisation that performed the restoration was not professional.

I really just need answers, who commissioned this restoration? And why does it look like something that a four-year-old made with Playdough?