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With the new trailer of Space Jam: A New Legacy landing on Sunday, the big question on my mind is: what the hell is happening with the website? Sure, to promote the new LeBron James-starred sequel they’ve gotta have some kind of online presence, but surely they haven’t taken over the old-ass Space Jam website that’s been live and unchanged since 1996, right?

If you haven’t seen the original website, this is what it looked like on January 24, 1997:

[Image: Wayback Machine /]
And this is what it looked like on March 4, 2021:

[Image: Wayback Machine /]
Ah, blessed Internet 1.0 in all its wildly basic glory, unchanged for decades.

But with the new movie incoming in a couple of months – which looks like some kind of Looney Tunes Matrix chaos – the website has changed. Legit, for the first time in 25 years, the virtual time capsule that has stood strong and unfailing since 1996 has been dragged into the modern day.

What is THAT?

Thankfully, because the Space Jam team clearly respects the importance of keeping a basic-ass Internet 1.0 website alive in some respect, you can still access the iconic former film’s site through a button on the side of the new homepage.

Clicking onto the Space Jam logo on the top right of the new site throws up a pop-up, warning you’re about to move away from the new film’s site, whisking you back in time to the glorious, oft-times difficult to read website from the mid-90s.

Who could forget gems like the ‘Stellar Souvenirs’ page, where you can download everything you need for your computing experience like Browser Icons (?) and Screen Savers, like you’re still on Microsoft 95 and Mum’s let you have your one (1) hour of Internet time.

Yes. YES.

Incredibly, you can still navigate around the janky site, which is absolutely what I’ve done with my Monday morning, and found myself somehow on this page of eye-watering orange with a mildly rude message to rack off already.

I like to think one of the Monstars wrote this one.

May the original Space Jam never, ever die. It needs to remain live for time eternal, so we can always remember just how utterly simple the Internet once was.

Image: Space Jam / Warner Bros