So Dramatic! had its Instagram account blocked today after some soggy napkin reported host Megan Pustetto for a post she made about fashion house Camilla, and standing up for people with disabilities.

After the final show of Fashion Week in Sydney, Megan called out Camilla Franks and P.E. Nation’s Pip Edwards for allowing their runway to be inaccessible for models who use wheelchairs. Camilla herself swung into the comments section of the post to claim it wasn’t her set design decision, and was made externally from the fashion labels involved.

Megan shared screengrabs from the original So Dramatic Insta on her personal account, showing that the whole account looks to have been wiped. She also confirmed that a report had been filed to Instagram which led to the disabling of the podcast’s account.

In an Instagram story, Megan said she believes it was one particular person who had reported her account and the post she had made. She shared an email she had received from this person, which claimed she had made a copyright infringement and asked for $2000 and correct attribution, and threatened to issue a take down notice to Instagram if she didn’t reply within 30 minutes.

“What a fucked world we live in where powerful people can silence others so easily when they are challenged or silence the voice of minority groups,” Megan wrote.

“Minority groups have yet again been silenced on this issue.”

While the main So Dramatic! account has been pulled down, Megan has pivoted to a backup account – @sodramaticmedia – which is currently set to private and has managed to pick up over 13,000 followers in under 10 hours.

On Megan’s personal account, fans have commented with messsages of support and assurance that she’s not in the wrong here. Notably Kurt Coleman offered his support, and showed his disbelief at “how the fuck can this even happen in 2021.”

so dramatic instagram reported banned

At the time of writing, Camilla hasn’t made any kind of statement on this, and Megan hasn’t said anything further, either. But as soon as we find out more, or our request to follow the new So Dramatic! Insta gets approved, we’ll update you.

Who would have thought the bearers of tea would be the ones to be steeping in it themselves? I sure didn’t but I’m happily sipping away and watching this all unfold.

Image: Instagram / @meganpustetto