I Can’t Stop Thinking About The Cursed ‘Siblings Or Dating’ Instagram Account

siblings or dating

It’s officially Christmas break, which means I’ve got even more time in the day to pointlessly scroll through the endless pages of internet bullshit that is available at my fingertips. But thanks to the Instagram account @siblingsordating, I will not be bored, or at least not for the next few weeks.

Whether its by pure coincidence, narcissism or some deeper psychological factor, couples often end up looking incredibly alike. Sometimes, they even look like they could be related.

Not only does this give us the painfully awkward experience of assuming people are siblings, only to watch them eat each other’s faces moments later, but it has also given birth to my favourite internet phenomenon of the year: Siblings or Dating.

In a few short months (less than six, for all of you playing along at home), Siblings or Dating has amassed over half a million followers, with thousands of people submitting their own photos to the infamous account.

Basically, the account shares a picture of two people, asking the audience to vote “siblings” or “dating” on the relationship. It sounds like an easy thing to distinguish, but let me tell you, it is not.

Let me give you an example.

These people are *clearly* siblings and you simply cannot tell me otherwise, right?


They’re dating. DATING!!! It’s absolute blasphemy and honestly, I’m not sure I can handle it.

But thankfully, I’m not the only one who is taken aback by the similarities here.

“Just because they’re dating doesn’t mean they’re not brother and sister,” one user on Instagram commented.

However, this isn’t just some fluke. No. Every damn couple on this account looks like the opposite of what you’d expect. It’s fucked.

Exhibit B.

Honestly, this would make a great drinking game while you’re sitting around the kids table at lunch like a peasant. Sure, taking a shot every time you guess wrong could be dangerous, but so is letting Aunt Linda on the Bacardi before 3pm, so there’s still a solid chance that you won’t be the first one passed out on the couch.