Cancel Culture Isn’t Real Bc Shane Dawson Just Announced He’s Coming Back To YouTube

Shane Dawson returns

Shane Dawson just announced he’s coming back to YouTube and if that isn’t proof that cancel culture isn’t real, I don’t know what is.

We regret to inform you that Shane Dawson has revealed he isn’t abandoning his YouTube account and is planning a return. Sigh. I knew this day would come eventually – but I hoped I was wrong.

Speaking to fans in a picture of himself with his boyfriend Ryland Adams posted to Instagram this morning, Dawson mentioned that the reason he hadn’t been posting in a while was for his mental health.

“Ps. I know I haven’t posted a video in a long time and I promise it’s not because I don’t want to. I’m just trying to stay in a good mindset and be happy,” he said.

“I promise I’m not going to abandon my channel after 15 years of creating. Just been re-evaluating my life the last year and figuring out what I want to do with it.

“Life is short and I’m grateful for every second of it. Hope you guys are doing well! I miss you!”

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People are NOT happy about Shane Dawson’s return, with many bringing up the fact that no matter how many times the infamous internet star is called out, boycotted or “cancelled” he just keeps bouncing back – not unlike that mould on your bathroom ceiling.

ICYMI: Shane Dawson has been entangled in countless internet scandals and drama over the last 15 years. From accusations of sexualising underage girls, to videos of Blackface, to allegedly fucking and cumming on his cat, there really is no form of bullshit this man hasn’t been embroiled in.

His YouTube channels were demonetised, his Morphe beauty range wiped, and he was generally disgraced from the civilised corners of the internet.

And yet despite all that, Shane Dawson is still famous as shit and wants to continue his YouTube career.

It’s almost like cancel culture isn’t actually a threat to rich white celebrities’ careers, because they’ll always be cushioned by their race and class privilege.

How funny that really, the only times ‘cancelling’ has been genuinely effective in its damage has been when it was ‘controversial’ women of colour that were targeted, like Yassmin Abdel-Magied or Janet Jackson. Just some food for thought.