The hashtag #RIPRupertMurdoch is trending number one in Australia on Twitter, but the billionaire media mogul is still very much alive.

Honestly, when anything of the sort is trending in Australia, there’s about a 50/50 chance that the Chaser boys are behind it, and this story is no exception.

The Chaser took to Twitter on Friday night to declare him dead, you know, because they were bored and wanted to see if they could start one of those death hoaxes that gets picked up by major news outlets as the truth.

“Bored, let’s get #RIPRuperMurdoch trending just to see if we can get the news to report him dead,” they wrote in a tweet.

But it wasn’t just the tweet, they also backed it up with a whole article to pay their respects to the man who… *checks notes* owned a majority of the Australian media.

“The world is mourning the passing of a media titan today, after media mogul Rupert Murdoch passed away peacefully in his sleep aged 108. The owner of hundreds of global newspapers and a string of TV networks across three continents, Murdoch will be be remembered for looking like a giant wrinkled prune and for completely ruining democracy for everyone,” The Chaser wrote in the parody post.

“Murdoch was eulogised by his children today, who expressed deep sorrow at his passing. “Thank fuck,” sobbed his eldest son Lachlan Murdoch. “Now I can finally stop Fox News broadcasting all this blatantly left-wing content. Murdoch is survived by his 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and also the 7 billion people’s lives he made worse by existing.”

In true Chaser fashion, it didn’t take long for the hashtag to shoot straight to the top of Twitter, with thousands joining in on the trend.

However, as you’d expect when you joke about somebody dying, not everyone saw the humour in the post, with one critic going so far as to say that The Chaser, that is no longer funded by the ABC, “don’t deserve a single cent of taxpayer money.”

At the time of publishing, no outlets (apart from The Chaser, obviously) have reported Rupert Murdoch has dead, so it looks like the hashtag didn’t end up serving its purpose for The Chaser boys.

Obviously, Rupert Murdoch is very much alive and this publication (and myself personally) does not wish death upon him, or anyone else.

Image: Getty Images