A Philadelphia man has become king of the internet for the month after claiming to have eaten a whole entire roast chook a day for 40 days straight. Get Woolies on the phone, I reckon I could top his number in no time.

31-year-old Alexander Tominksy, also simply known as “Chicken Guy”, consumed his 40th roast chook (or rotisserie chicken if you’re nasty) on November 7 by an abandoned pier near a Walmart. ‘Twas a momentous occasion for all people who are terminally online. Oh, I should probably also mention that Chicken Guy is insanely attractive for someone who constantly poses next to a piece of greasy chicken.

All of the other chickens were consumed off-camera, but for the 40th chook, Chicken Guy decided to invite denizens of the internet to come and watch him eat in person. A dangerous idea if you ask me, but Twitter people are built differently I guess.

Chicken Guy made sure to clarify that the event wouldn’t be a party, and so it went exactly as expected: a bunch of people standing around a man from the internet and watching him eat.

Highkey a legendary moment in the history of the internet.

In case you haven’t been along for the ride, allow me to take you through some of the best pics from the journey up to this point.

Keep in mind that this whole thing is probably a bit, but hey, it definitely sounds like a fun challenge to put to yourself. We’ve definitely seen worse things done for content from even our own staff, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he really was eating the yummy chooks.

It has to be the beard. That has to be the reason why I want to be ripped apart like a chicken drumstick. It HAS to be the beard.

It’s definitely the beard.

Sometimes the pics will feature a giant carrot too which somehow adds a whole new layer of sexiness. Don’t question my thirst, just know it’s there.

Chicken Guy explained that the giant carrot was part of his meal. I mean, this also feels like a bit but carrots are made to be eaten, right? I would love to nom into a massive carrot like I’m Bugs Bunny.

I refuse to spend this entire article thirsting over a basic man who poses next to chickens, but I’m completely enamoured by him. A hot legend.

Fuck, now I just want a rotisserie chook. And a kiss. Gonna find both before sundown.