In The Horniest Sequel To *That* Dress, Reddit Is Losing It Over This 100% SFW Optical Illusion

A photo of calves that looks like naked people having sex.

An innocent photo has sent Reddit into a jizzy- uh, I mean a tizzy, after viewers mistook it for someone getting their cheeks clapped in a public bathroom.

Imagine you’re innocently scrolling through the interwebs, minding your business, when suddenly you are presented with a blurry image of two people firmly going at it for no fkn reason.

That’s probably how this Reddit user felt when they posted this cursed image to subreddit r/OpiticalIllusions. Presumably with silent pleas of reassurance that they were not alone in being doomed to horny jail.

A reddit post that looks like people having sex but is actually just muscly calves.
It’s not what you think mum, I promise.

Judging by the responses there will be plenty of y’all suffering in hell, don’t worry.

One writer commented: “NSFW?”

Another said: “it took me a ridiculously long time to get this”.

But no, ya heathens. There is no fucking to be had in this image.

If you shift your eyesight a wee bit lower and ass-ess the evidence, you’ll see a sock-covered ankle and black and green sneakers.

Do you see it now? Has the horniness been banished?

Ass it turns out there is a bulge in this image but not the type you’re thinking.

Those are calves. Very muscly, ridiculously buff calves.

The moment I realised this, the image became far more SFW. It seems that some horny shits are still struggling, though.

“I can’t see the legs. I’m trying but I can’t,” one Redditor commented.

Go have a cold shower ya filthy animals.