Influencer Rachael Finch Slams Everyone Who Mocked That Odd Vid Of Her Running Behind Daughter

rachael finch influencer running behind daughter

Fitness influencer and Miss Universe Australia winner Rachael Finch has clapped back at her haters online after a video of her running behind her daughter and shouting encouraging words during a school race went viral.

Another day, another wild piece of Australian influencer drama that shouldn’t really exist but unfortunately does. And if influencers be the gods of this social media world we live in, I am but a humble messenger. Hermes, if you will.

In case you missed it, Finch caused quite a stir online after she shared a video of her running behind her daughter, Violet, who is 8 years old, during a school race. It sounds innocent enough, but a lot of folks were up in arms about it, judging Finch for placing “a lot of pressure” on her daughter to succeed. Others questioned Finch’s participation in the race in the first place, given it was made for students.

rachael finch
Hey, at least she’s self-aware with the caption.(Source: Instagram @rachael_finch).

Finch took to Instagram to slam her haters, putting them in their place and implying her daughter will be very successful thanks to her parenting style.

“Just a quick message to anyone wanting to criticise or personally attack me for wanting to support, encourage and motivate my child to do the very best that she can do,” she said.

“Just a couple of things. One, check your facts and two, check back in eight or so years when Violet is an adult to see the progress.”

Oh to be an influencer whose only problems on a Thursday evening are people claiming I’m a bad parent because I run behind my child. Some people have REAL problems.

rachael finch
You know when an influencer records themselves in an Instagram Story it’s either beef or brand content. (Source: Instagram @rachael_finch).

Finch’s main haters, who she was probably sending subliminals to in her Instagram response, were Amy, Kate and Sophie Taeuber, the influencer triplets behind the Outspoken podcast.

“I don’t understand how this school let her run behind her child during the race. Surely it would have been really off putting for the other kids?” said one of the triplets during an episode of the pod.

“Can you imagine the other mums there seeing this? [They’d be asking], ‘why the hell is she allowed at the school on the course?’” said another.

“It seems like she’s vicariously living through her child because this seemed to be one of her dreams,” said a third.

“It was very difficult to watch.”

Well at the end of the day I’m sure everyone is going to continue getting paid and living their best influencer life. If this progresses even further I’m going to run behind Finch and tell her to put her phone down.