TikTok Users Can’t Get Over How Hot Pitbull Is With Hair And I Am Mr. Worldwide Open For Him


Pitbull (aka Mr. Worldwide) is an absolute sort with hair and no one on TikTok can keep it in their pants.

The TikTok made by Anh Nguyen is sitting at more than 7 million views because the internet can’t get over the perfection that is Pitbull with long hair and a beard.



#greenscreen i’ve been on pitbull tok for too long folks #pitbull #mrworldwide

♬ original sound – Rae☆

I remember a friend telling me they thought Pitbull was hot in high school and I scoffed. I can’t believe I’m now saying this, but she was right. He is HOT.

Someone get this man a wig immediately, I wanna see that baby face with some damn hair. Who knew that final-form Pitbull could look so fricken good?

I mean look at him…ok, papi.

Can Pitbull meet me at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn? I’d just like to have a quick chat to him about something… and by something I mean tell him to go see Ashley & Martin, so he can get that head of his sorted.

Pitbull has never openly spoken about why he’s bald, but if being bald is a ~ choice ~ I’d definitely have some choice words for him. And don’t get me started on that absurd face hazard he currently has. 2005 called and they would like their goatee back.

The TikTok comments didn’t come here to play either and are of course, absolute perfection.

“Ain’t Mr. Worldwide anymore. That’s Mr. Universal,” one commenter wrote.

“That ain’t Pitbull that’s Husky,” another wrote.

Forget about your boyfriend and meet Pitbull with hair at the hotel room.