In the latest chapter of Melbourne’s long, slow descent into lockdown madness, people on Twitter and Reddit are positively crapping their pants over some highly suspect screenshots that appear to show a police plane flying in a pentagram formation over Melbourne.

Yesterday saw another round of anti-lockdown protests in the city, and although numbers were down from last week, there was still a heavy police presence. Since then, screenshots have begun to circulate, showing the supposed ‘pentagram’ flight path of a surveillance craft over Fitzroy Gardens.

What could it mean? Was there truly some kind of -dark ritual- at work in the skies? Will a portal to hell be opening up and consuming us all at some point? (Honestly, that sounds like a gift in 2020).

While I, for one, welcome our new demonic overlords, the screenshots have since been debunked as a hoax by multiple sources. Various people on Twitter shared their own screengrabs, pointing out that the flight path in the viral images appears to be “dead-set doctored bollocks.”

Over on Reddit, in a thread about the pentagram, one user pointed out that the craft was most likely a King Air, recently purchased by VIC Police.

Another user named sergeant_salami acted as the voice of reason, sharing a link to flight tracking data that clearly shows the plane flying in a circle formation.

WHAT COULD IT ALL MEAN? Is this just a weird glitch? Is it actually satanic forces at work? Or could it possibly just be bored Melbournites and conspiracy nuts making shit up as they’re faced with several more weeks of lockdown?

I’m not some kind of fancy pentagram scientist but I reckon it could be that last one, hey.