Please Look At This Absolutely Cooked Haul Of Drugs That NSW Police Confiscated

Yesterday, NSW Police shared a post showing an extremely large haul of confiscated drugs, and it has since gone viral, thanks to one image in particular that has sent social media into a spiral.

In the post, they announced that a 21-year-old man will face court, after a search of his Park Street apartment on Friday afternoon turned up quite a large quantity of drugs.

They said:

During the search, officers allegedly seized prohibited drugs – including 28g of cocaine, 750g of MDMA, 95 LSD tabs, 800g of cannabis, ephedrine and ketamine – an extendable baton, luxury brand goods, and more than $17,000 cash.

This all sounds like pretty standard stuff so far, but it was one photo in particular from the NSW Police Facebook page that caught the eye of punters:

Most of the images were clearly labelled as ‘MDMA’, ‘cocaine’ and so on, but this bad boy, showing sheets adorned with pictures of Shiva, was left blank.

This left some punters confused and wondering what the hell they were looking at after the pictures went viral, with guesses ranging from chocolate to stamps.

“What am I looking at? I’m 50, are they Pokemon cards?” asked one commenter, possibly taking the piss.

PEDESTRIAN.TV contacted NSW Police, who confirmed our very strong suspicion that we are, indeed, looking at sheets of LSD here.

The man faces various charges related to weapons and the supply of prohibited drugs.