NAB Has Rebranded To Jab So OFC Anti-Vaxxers Have Absolutely Shat Themselves In The Comments


NAB recently rebranded to JAB in a move the bank hopes will encourage people to go and get vaccinated.

The campaign will run until December 2021 and will be shown across TV commercials, billboards and social media — according to Mumbrella.

However, it hasn’t come without backlash from anti-vaxxers who have had an absolute field day on NAB… I mean JAB’s social media. In fact, the bank’s Instagram post has more comments than likes, because there’s just that many disgruntled anti-vaxxers.

“SEEYA NAB! I have multiple business accounts with you and am finding a bank that DOESN’T play cringe-worthy political games like this,” one commenter wrote on Instagram.

“Cashless society next. Wouldn’t trust my money with NAB,” another wrote.

I wonder if these people will actually end up changing banks, or do what I do and keep saying you’re going to change and then never bother to do it.

According to NAB chief operating officer, Les Matheson, the company wants people to get vaccinated in order to “champion getting Australia back to business.”

“Getting as many Australians vaccinated is key to unlocking greater freedoms and protection for our customers, colleagues, and the community. And as Australia’s leading business bank, we want to champion getting Australia back to business by delivering hope and optimism and supporting the community’s vaccination push,” Matheson said.

NAB CEO Ross McEwan also added that getting vaccinated is “our light at the end of the tunnel. Our communities need hope. Our businesses need clarity, to plan for the future.”

So looks like NAB doesn’t care about your $200 shares Cath, they just want the country to be open again like the rest of us.