Someone Has Turned The Melb Lockdown Into A 2020 Calendar & The Visual Really Hits Different

melbourne lockdown calendar

Sorry to absolutely ruin your day here, but the Melbourne lockdown has been put into perspective by being transformed into a year-long calendar. Prepare yourselves, this one hits different – and not in a good way.

Ashley, the host of the podcast SMILF, posted the calendar interpretation of the Melb lockdowns on her Instagram this week, highlighting all the days that the city has been in some form of locked-down restrictions.

And mates, oh my good lord it hurts. In a very specific way. In that, it’s pretty much the whole fucking year and feels a bit depressing, if anything.

Remember calendars? Those things that lay out the days behind and before us, making the slow passing of time? Well just have a bloody butchers at this one, because it puts into context just how much time we’ve spent inside over this year.

From late March to the end of May – inside. June was a nice time, where we could go to the pub for two hours, and play sports, and see friends. And then the second wave hit and it was back to bed from the start of July until now. Hooly dooly.

And just to put the heel in a little more, she’s gone and highlighted the rest of the lockdown as it stands, extending through until the 25th of October.

Look, it’s all good and important that we as a state have crushed it with this second wave, going all-in together (well, like 99% of us) to flatten that curve back down, but you can’t look at this and tell me it isn’t absolutely soul-crushing.

Melbourne lockdown calendar
This has been me for like 90% of this year.

The only thing I’m thankful for here is that these highlighted days are mostly over the colder months, so it’s not like we’ve spent an entire summer of beach swims and sunshine inside playing video games and binge-watching TV.

And on the bright side, at least the end is kinda in our sights now, right? Tentatively inching towards that home stretch, and maybe – just maybe – we’ll be able to have a big beer together really soon.

Until then, everyone else: send us treats. It’s all we need.