There’s A Fkn Conspiracy Meghan Markle Snuck Into The Coronation In Disguise & It’s Royally Funny

Meghan Markle wearing white hat at Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee

King Charles III and Queen Camilla‘s corrie naysh (coronation) is almost done and dusted, and in order to make the royal hullaballoo interesting to those under the age of 75, Twitter has devised a “conspiracy theory” that Meghan Markle snuck into the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in disguise.

I say “conspiracy theory” because it’s so obviously a bit ov a laff, and I highly doubt anyone thinks it’s real. Still, it’s deeply hilarious and I can’t stop crying with laughter about it. Consider my leg pulled!

It all started when Twitter user Bob Cryer (@bobbicee) shared a photo of a coronation guest with a grey bob (it’s not quite Chris Pine bob goals, but you can’t have it all!), big moustache and ‘yuge aviator sunnies.

“Megan [sic], you’re not fooling us…” they wrote.


Folks joked in the comments that British telly presenters Ant & Dec were telling Markle where to sit via earpiece and that the polyjuice potion from Harry Potter was about to wear off.

But alas, it was not Meghan Markle in disguise. It was merely a composer by the name of Sir Karl Jenkins who just … looks like that.

I sort of feel bad for the fella considering people reckon his normal appearance has all the trademarks of a character in a children’s cartoon going undercover, but I hope he takes solace in the fact that he’s pulled it off spectacularly. He ate, as they say.

Other folks on Twitter thought the Jack of all trades was giving Amanda Bynes‘ Viola impersonating Sebastian in She’s The Man but all grown up, while some thought he looked like a Beastie Boy.

Jokes aside, I’m glad that Markle has stayed as far away from the coronation as possible. The royal family and the British tabloids, the racist and misogynistic bastards that they are, treated her like utter shit for simply existing, and you just know they would’ve had a field day if she did attend the Big Crowning.

Live your best life with your oversharing husband Harry and adorable kids Archie and Lilibet, babes!