TikTok Has Responded To Rumours Ben Affleck & JLo Are Divorcing By Shipping Him W/ Matt Damon

As rumours of a split between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue to swirl, the internet has already begun shipping Affleck with another partner: his best friend Matt Damon. It’s adorable, and I love them, but why is TikTok doing it? And what does “which could mean nothing” mean?

Affleck and Damon have a lifelong friendship, however according to the edits floating around TikTok, it’s way more than that. The two have known each other since they were young children, both followed the same career path together, and had their big Hollywood breakout with the (amazing) 1997 film Good Will Hunting — which won them both Oscars.

Now throw in the fact that there’s all sorts of speculation in the press about the poor state of Affleck’s marriage with Lopez, and you’ve got yourself the perfect opportunity for some excellent memes/edits.

So what is the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck shipping trend on TikTok? What started the adorable edits? And more importantly, should JLo be worried?

Why does TikTok ship Matt Damon and Ben Affleck?

At its core, any good internet ship or pairing comes from when the audience notices a clear love between two people. And anyone who has seen the bond between Damon and Affleck could never doubt that they love each other.

The two have even said it themselves a bunch in interviews over the course of their 35+ years as mates — which TikTok has of course used as evidence for its argument they are an item.

@idkwhatthisshouldbe_____ which could mean nothing. #fyp #edit #benaffleck #mattdamon #whichcouldmeannothing ♬ original sound – liz &lt3

They’ve also both constantly leaned into the rumours that they are a couple and used it for laughs, in the same way that Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have always been willing to go to new extremes in showing their bromance.

Hell, even Affleck has called it “one of Hollywood’s greatest romances.”

@mattfleck.memes Kelly: I think of you two as one of the great love stories of our time. Ben: I do too. I do too. #mattdamon #benaffleck #mattfleck #whichcouldmeannothing ♬ original sound – mattfleck memes

And Matt Damon openly admitted to Rove that Affleck is “the kid I would have turned gay for when I was 10.”

@ihe4rtcc #BENAFFLECKANDMATTDAMON || the last line. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #mattdamon #benaffleck ♬ original sound – 𝐉𝐞𝐬𝐬𖤐

Not to mention the time Ben’s then-wife, Jennifer Garner, made this joke about her husband’s true love at a Hollywood event.

@mattfleck.memes not sure how much “which could mean nothing” i’ve got left in me gang #mattdamon #benaffleck #whichcouldmeannothing #mattfleck ♬ original sound – mattfleck memes

As a result of showing their support and love for one another, it’s meant that there is just SO MUCH content of the two to choose from that could be spun into a romantic narrative if given the right editing.

@javz_haal Matt & Ben Core part 1 | #mattdamon #benaffleck #goodwillhunting #flopera #getonfyp #xyzbca #mutuals #fyp ♬ original sound – Jake 🇵🇸
@mattfleck.memes ben and matt cuddling at the golden globes ❤️ always a fave #mattdamon #benaffleck #mattfleck #whichcouldmeannothing #goldenglobes ♬ True Blue – boygenius
@mattfleck.memes which could mean… everything #benaffleck #mattdamon #mattfleck #whichcouldmeannothing ♬ Me and My Husband – Mitski

On top of all the Ben Affleck X Matt Damon content that already exists in the world, the narrative of their secret romance becomes a lot more fun when TikTokers add in the subplot of Ben leaving her for Matt.

Like this one:

@mbs.films and for the record this could all in fact mean nothing #whichcouldmeannothing #benaffleckedit #mattdamonedit #taylorswiftedit #interstellaredit #benaffleck #mattdamon ♬ original sound – gwyn

That could be one of my favourite memes of the year. Amazing work TikTok. Keep it up.

What does “which could mean nothing” mean?

Many of the TikToks that shipping Matt Damon and Ben Affleck feature one quote more than anything: “Which could mean nothing.”

This seemingly pointless phrase is a reference to a news headline from 2021 that went viral, when Damon was photographed outside of Affleck’s house without a wedding ring.

“Matt Damon not wearing wedding ring again during another visit to Ben Affleck’s house which could mean nothing,” read the Lainey Gossip headline.

The amazing thing about the phrase “which could mean nothing” is that it completely erases the point of the headline, by stating that the implied news is more than likely, not news.

However, it still is news, because of the implication.

That implication being; a secret and forbidden love.

Now whenever a TikTok edit mashes up clips of Matt and Ben doing anything vaguely affectionate toward one another, the comment section of said TikTok is bombarded with the one phrase: Which could mean nothing.


The lore

♬ original sound – sunny

Will Ben Affleck will leave Jennifer Lopez for Matt Damon?

Absolutely. If I were JLo, I would assume the writing is on the wall.

Just being silly. Of course, the fact that TikTok is editing these two people together has no bearing on the actual real-life couple. Even if those TikToks do show how much better a life Affleck might have with Damon instead.

@mattfleck.memes which could mean… everything #benaffleck #mattdamon #mattfleck #whichcouldmeannothing ♬ Me and My Husband – Mitski

That said, there is one thing that Affleck and Damon have with each other that they don’t have with their wives.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have a shared Wikipedia page.

Which could mean nothing…