Facebook founder and general weirdo Mark Zuckerberg has reminded us that he is indeed a thicc, zincc’d up surfer boy ready for the American summer.

In a new Instagram post, he shared a pic of a surfboard design created by meme artist Adam The Creator which features that iconic/cursed/thicc photo of Zucc surfing with copious amounts of sunscreen in Hawaii.

“Thanks Adam The Creator for designing my next board. The sun never stood a chance,” Zuckerberg in a post on Instagram and Facebook.

The meme artist went to great lengths to capture Zucc’s surfer boy likeness – double cheeked up in his boardies with just the tiniest bit of skin showing out the top.

The photo from last year, as many of you will remember, pretty much broke then internet as soon as it was published. That’s separate from the time Zuccman actually broke the internet earlier this year when he removed news from Aussie Facebook.

The comments on Zuckerberg’s post were pretty cringeworthy.

What’s interesting is that while the design has been plastered on a normal surf board, the board Zucc was actually riding in the original photo was in fact a $16,000 eFoil board which works like an electric hydrofoil.

That’s just the kind of geeky transport befitting of a tech billionaire who has been accused of colonising a nearby Hawaiian island, Kauai, to build his own, sprawling, US $100 million estate.

It’s also the kind of buoyant flotation device needed to thrust Zucc’s gargantuan dumptruck ass across the high seas of the Pacific.

Will this new surfboard with Zuckerberg’s thicc mug on it ever see the light of the day? Who bloody knows, but at least it has the endorsement of the lizard man himself.

Image: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla | Instagram / @zuck