This Flawless Mashup Of Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together And WAP Is All I Care About Now

Mariah Carey, WAP

I always thought Mariah Carey‘s signature ballad ‘We Belong Together‘ was perfect and could not be improved on in any way, and y’know what … I still think that’s the case, but this mash-up with Cardi and Megan‘s ‘WAP‘ is pretty damn great.

YouTube channel #TheFandom posted it several days ago, but it only came to my attention recently, and it’s all I care to listen to right now. The slinky beats and sparse piano chords of the song slot together seamlessly with Cardi and Megan’s raps, like it was meant to be.

The clip mashes together scenes from the surreal ‘WAP’ video and segments from Mariah Carey’s own ‘We Belong Together’, in which she skips out on her wedding to a older man, who is generally thought to be a stand-in for her ex-husband Tommy Mottola.

Anyway, you can check out the video below:

This week, Mariah responded to a fan’s tweet about Marie Curie, another icon in her field, saying: “She has 2 Nobel prizes, I have 2 Diamond albums, we’re practically the same person.” This is why we love her.