NOPE: This Macca’s Worker Put Sweet ‘N’ Sour Sauce On A Customer’s Drink Instead Of Caramel

A Macca's worker says he was fired after uploading videos of his petty revenge acts on customers to TikTok.

After being a retail assistant in the wealthier (read: more insufferable) parts of Sydney for nearly five years, I’ve had my share of petty revenge fantasies to get back at rude customers. But nothing, and I mean nothing, I ever envisioned was as evil as what this Macca’s staff member did.

TikTok user @mcdanksbitch, who hasn’t got his name on his profile for obvious reasons, built his entire online persona around his job at Macca’s — which he no longer has, after appearing to mess with a customer’s order by replacing the caramel on their frappé… with Sweet ‘N’ Sour sauce.

Yes, I gagged just thinking about it.

The worker posted a video of himself putting whipped cream, and then the sauce, on a drink with the caption: “When the customer has an attitude but [you] remember [you] only make 8.50 an hour”.

Honestly, my initial reaction was to laugh, because who doesn’t love a good hospitality revenge story, especially if you’ve had nightmare customers yourself.

That is, until I remembered that food tampering is actually really fucked up, particularly when you don’t know whether the person has specific allergies or a dietary requirement. It could be legitimately dangerous.

It seems that Macca’s think so, because the worker said he’s since been fired.

Two weeks after the caramel sauce ordeal, the TikToker posted another video of himself waving at the McDonald’s where he apparently worked.

“Ladies and gentlemen you did it…,” he said.

“You got me fired…bye mcbitches. So what’s next?”

People on TikTok didn’t seem to find the whole thing as funny as intended.

“You got yourself fired,” one person commented, with another saying “honestly, you deserve to be”.

Welp, either way, I guess now this TikToker will have to find a new online brand — can’t rely on that Macca’s content anymore.