Look, the world can be kind of a terrible place. People are dicks! It happens! But this incredibly wholesome story of a lost wedding ring has warmed my cold, hard heart.

In a story posted to Reddit, one UK user shared the tale of how their husband lost his ring while taking a dip. It happens to the best of us. Though this is definitely a lesson to always take off the important jewellery before going for a dip.

Let us not forgot Kim Kardashian’s lost earring! Did we not learn!

Now, when you lose something in the ocean, you must accept that it’s been taken by Mother Nature herself. Car keys, mobile phones, particularly fancy shells, sentimental and unsentimental jewellery — it’s gone.

According to Reddit user nerdytalk1981, after their husband lost the ring the pair unsuccessfully hunted for it.

But the next day, a knight in shining flippers appeared to return the husband’s ring.

“A man has just returned it,” the poster explained.

“Saying he saw us looking for it yesterday and went back with his snorkel in the evening and found it for him.

“He wouldn’t accept any payment.”

Those must’ve been some bloody HD snorkels because I imagine that’s the oceanic equivalent of trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Was he turning over every rock? Politely interviewing every hermit crab? Are we convinced this man isn’t secretly part mermaid?

As pointed out by one person in the Reddit thread, “the dude was probably going to enjoy snorkelling anyways”.

But let’s be honest: any task is more exciting when there’s a challenge element to it.

Having your own personal quest? An absolute goal.

The OG user gave some more details about the swimmer-slash-saviour after another commenter pointed out just how unlikely the odds of finding the ring were.

“It must have been hours later that he found it, because it was round lunchtime when he lost it,” they explained.

“My husband tried to buy him a drink, but he just left, wouldn’t hear of it!”

I am slowly becoming convinced that this mysterious man is a Percy Jackson-esque demigod, spending his immortality doing good ocean-themed deeds armed with only a snorkel and a heart of gold.

Image: Reddit / nerdytalk1981 / SpongeBob SquarePants