Good morning, and a very happy TGIF to all who celebrate. This week I am easing into the Good Day by watching people go absolute boonta over a big duck, and whether or not the big fowl is in fact the tallest mallard duck ever to have lived in recorded history. His name is Long Boi and I would defend him to the ends of my life. I would, quite happily, die for this duck.

Long Boi, who presides over the ponds at the University of York in England’s north, gained some serious attention this week when someone on Twitter claimed that he is the tallest mallard duck ever (that we know of). It’s pretty convincing, right? Like who’s going to question it – Long Boi is one fucken massive duck.

This huge claim was indeed fact-checked by very legitimate fact-checking and myth-busting site Snopes, who found that the tweet is very much not true.

After a sniff around, Snopes found that Long Boi isn’t a true mallard, immediately debunking the OP’s claims. Turns out he’s a cross between a mallard and an Indian Runner (those ducks that scoot super quick instead of waddling along), which gives him that tall stature while the other ducks are more squat and duck-like.

Long Boi also isn’t over a metre tall, like the tweet claimed. According to the duck’s official Instagram, he actually clocks in at around 70cm tall.

Despite all of this, the important thing is that a whole swathe of people – including myself – now know about the existence of Long Boi the not-mallard duck, and as such people have vowed to protect him at all costs, and made memes out of him. It’s what he deserves, our tall-standing king.

It’s Friday, so please take a long moment to enjoy the memes.

I swear to god if Long Boi somehow milkshake ducks and is found to actually be a menace, I will be very, very disappointed.

But until then, I have no choice but to stan.

<3 Long Boi 4eva <3

Image: Instagram / @longboiyork