Hateful comments posted on Lizzo‘s social media posts are reportedly being removed by the teams at Facebook and Instagram, and the comments sections on her posts will be reviewed from here on out.

TMZ reports that after the 33-year-old musician broke down in tears over the weekend about the amount of racist and fatphobic abuse she’s copped online, the social media giants actually stepped in to get rid of it all.

It’s reported that some accounts that are specifically trolling and continuing to break the platforms’ community guidelines around hate speech and bullying are being removed, too. Fucken, good. Good riddance to ya.

A source at Facebook told TMZ that the platform’s team has already begun deleting horrible comments on both FB and Instagram, and were going to keep an eye on her comments going forward so the same thing doesn’t happen again.

After a taking a couple of days away from the chaos of the internet, Lizzo jumped on an livestream on her Instagram to talk through why she spoke out about the hate she receives online.

“I felt like there was a lot of people talking about me, so I said ‘you know what let me take some time for myself before I come back on the internet’,” she said.

“I saw so much support from people on the internet and it blew my mind I was not expecting that nor was I looking for that.

“I felt like it was really important for me to express myself that day. The point is, people we really need to check ourselves and how we treat people. We shouldn’t talk to people like that, we shouldn’t normalise treating people this way.”

She also reassured everyone that she’s doing fine and has support around her.

“Don’t worry about me,” she said.

“People be worried about me saying this and that about my emotional health and my mental health. I have several forms of therapy, including my therapist, including my family, including physical therapy.

“I’ve got an astrologer, a medium, baby. I got best friends, I got tequila – not that I’m saying tequila should be a form of therapy.”

That’s funny, because Lizzo is absolutely my preferred form of therapy.