A three-year-old girl called Leona is going viral on Twitter after she asked for a Lion King birthday cake – but specifically, for the cake to depict the scene were Mufasa dies, as part of a sneaky plan to get more cake.

The story is told by actor and director Casey Feigh on Twitter, who shared pictures of a cake-version of Simba crying while Mufasa lay on the ground, dead. His niece Leona, who is only three years old, asked for the tragic cake for her birthday with some cheeky ulterior motives.

In a stroke of evil genius, Leona’s logic was simple: people would see Mufasa, immediately be overcome with sadness, and their appetite would be lost. Thus, more cake for the little schemer to eat all by herself. A visionary. This girl is going far, I can feel it.

I don’t know what’s funnier – a little girl asking for this tragic Lion King cake, or the baker getting the cake request and probably reading it over three times before wondering what kind of terrible parent orders this for their kid. We know the baker is a real one though, after Twitter discovered a hilarious detail on the cake’s edge that shows the baker’s dedication to their craft.

A Twitter user zoomed in on the cake, and noticed that the baker had actually etched in claw marks from where Mufasa would have clung on for his life before being yeeted off the cliff to his death. LITERAL CLAW MARKS. Incredible effort, 10/10.

I wish I was surprised by this hilarious little girl’s morbidity, but I have a six year old sister who is obsessed with dinosaurs and Titanoboa, wholly believes that the Megalodon shark is still alive in the depths of the ocean (and can legitimately argue her point), and gives the spiders around our house names like Henry and Jason.

Kids these days.