Kylie Jenner has fooled basic bitches everywhere and has tried to pass off her new swimwear line as something that actually looks ~good~, when in fact it looks like something I made in Year 7 textiles.

Kylie Swim is the billionaire’s (I’m actually cringing writing that) new and much hyped swimwear line. For a one piece suit you’re looking at $80 USD ($111 AUD). That’s quite a lot of money, so you’d at least expect the bathers to made of high quality material. Unfortunately, they are more like something you’d find on SHEIN over Seafolly.

Since the launch of Kylie Swim, many creators have taken to TikTok to express their concerns with the product. The main critique seems to be that the bathers are see through and aren’t sewn properly. Yikes.


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I mean that material is just…..


ya’ll I spent $500 at kylie swim stay tuned for more #kylieswim #kyliejenner #kylie

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the way it keeps getting worse???? #kyliejenner #kylieswim

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Brianna Renee, the same girl who made the above two TikToks, has also made a much more extensive video about Kylie Swim on her YouTube channel. Renee even spent $500 dollarydoos on ALL of the bathing suits just to demonstrate the chaos.

Mind you, she looked really fucking hot in all of them — which probably wasn’t her intention.

She noted that the Caicos swimsuit was already sold out, and that’s the one that looks the best IMO. I’m also dying at the fact Kylie named a swimsuit after Turks and Caicos, a favourite holiday spot for the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

The problem with these swimsuits is that they are very much designed for Instagram, but not so much for lying on the beach and definitely not for actual swimming. In these suits, you’re one nip slip away from being completely nude, and in that case you may as well ditch the bathers altogether.

“One sudden move, everything is going to be out. I won’t be wearing this anywhere. It looks cute on, but it’s not practical,” said one TikToker.

It’s disappointing, but are we really surprised?