A bunch of Joshes in the US just fought each other with pool noodles to be crowned The Supreme Josh, and a five year old won.

Yes I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t the plot for a new Seth Rogan movie. On Saturday midday (US time) Joshes from around the USA met up in Lincoln, Nebraska for a battle that was a year in the making. While this is super cool, a stunt like this is not COVID-safe (especially in the US) and social distancing still needs to be practised.

What started out as a viral Twitter meme last year, has now become a reality and it all started out with someone called Josh Swain.

On April 24th last year, Josh Swain created a group chat with all the Josh Swains he could find on Facebook. Swain messaged them with one request: fight, and whoever wins gets to keep the name.

What started out as a joke quickly turned quite serious, and the internet WANTED to see this battle play out. However, instead of being a battle between just Josh Swains, it became a battle of all guys named Josh, large or small.

The OG Josh Swain posted the Lincoln coordinates in a subreddit aptly titled r/joshswainbattle. In the message was instructions for all first named Joshes to bring a pool noodle for battle.

At the event there were two battles: one for those named Josh Swain, and one for those named Josh.

The Josh Swains had to compete in a game of rock, paper, scissors — and the loser would have to change their name. Only one other Josh Swain from Nebraska showed up, and disappointingly for him, he lost against OG Josh.

Source: Reddit

Then came the ultimate Josh battle. The pool noodle battle…

…And the winner was an adorable little five year old called Josh (of course).

Awww what a truly heart-warming story.

Who said Joshes are always fuckboys?? Me, I said it, but I take it all back now. Except for that one Josh who I despise (you know who you are).

Image: Reddit