Joe Biden’s Latest Tweet Used Just Three Letters To Tell Trump To GTFO

US President-elect Joe Biden today showed off his new website and its fancy ‘.gov’ URL, effectively brandishing those three little letters as a subtle ‘fuck you’ to President Donald Trump.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, Biden’s account shared the link to, the official website for his transition into power.

The website itself is pretty standard fare for Biden, and it outlines a bunch of his policy positions.


But its use of the ‘.gov’ URL – which is reserved for official government organisations – has some folks pretty worked up.

Here’s Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s communications director, on the issue:

And here’s a bunch of other politics-watchers oohing and aahing at the URL’s significance:

His post came just hours after the head of the Government Services Administration (GSA) – essentially the office managers for the Federal Government – declared the transition could take place.

Notably, it is the GSA itself which approves ‘.gov’ URLs, which it says denote “bona fide government services.” Following this to its logical conclusion, the GSA now sees the transition as a bona fide government service.

But lapping a ‘.gov’ on the end of your website is hardly the only sign a transition is taking place. Around the same time as Biden’s account shared that link, the Pentagon announced it’s moving to assist Team Biden.

The Department of Defense is “prepared to provide post-election services and support in a professional, orderly, and efficient manner,” the organisation said.

All up, the ‘.gov’ thing doesn’t really matter, if the Pentagon just confirmed Biden is gonna have access to the nukes.

Anyway, this would all be pretty unremarkable if Trump himself hadn’t taken extraordinary steps to contest the results of this month’s election, which he lost.

In his own tweets discussing the GSA’s decision to greenlight the transition, Trump did not formally concede, and declared his team will continue to “fight” results from the ballot box.

Barring any kind of miraculous legal result for Team Trump, Biden is slated to be sworn in as America’s 46th president on January 20, 2021.

At the very least, Biden will have the website ready to go.