A JB Hi-Fi Store Is Going Viral For This Cheeky Sign ’Cos As It Turns Out, Sex Does Sell

A sign spotted at a JB Hi-Fi store is going viral on Reddit due to its cheeky double meaning, and let us be the first to say: sex does indeed sell.

The folks over at the one-stop place for all good Down Under content, the r/Australia subreddit, have had a jolly good chuckle at a sign plastered on the aisles of a JB Hi-Fi store.

While browsing the shop’s section of gaming accessories, one shopper stumbled upon a seemingly innocent tagline promoting a discount on PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers.

“Don’t play with yourself. Buy another controller!” read the sign shared by Redditor u/dajobix.

Don’t play with yourself
byu/dajobix inaustralia

Obviously, the pitch is to not play by yourself and instead buy another controller. (And for $79? That’s a steal.) However, anyone could read that and tell you the dirty minded JB Hi-Fi employee was referring to a good old game of jacking off. Choking the chicken. Or, if I may, busting a nut.

I will be the first to admit that when I saw the phrase “Don’t play with yourself” my mind was anything but clean. (Sorry Mum and Dad.)

Of course, the unnamed JB Hi-Fi store may not have meant for this meaning to be interpreted, and may have not noticed or meant for the accidental innuendo.

But also, it’s 2024. You can’t say anything without an unintended second meaning catching you off guard. Remember when an “edge” was just a line that connected corners?

Regardless of intent, commenters on the post applauded JB Hi-Fi for the cheeky sign and commended how the company isn’t afraid to push the line with their in-store ads.

“They do have some funny signs in their stores. My fave was for No Man’s Sky: ‘Best refund simulator of 2016’,” wrote one Redditor.

“I’ll stick with my joystick,” quipped someone else.

Another wrote that they saw an ad in another JB Hi-Fi once for the 2013 game The Last Of Us that read: “Based on the hit TV Show.” (Please tell us you do not need this one explained to you.)

Others also observed that the name of the particular PS5 controller may have inspired the sexually charged wordplay.

“The fact that the product is called Edge means this is not a coincidence,” wrote the Redditor.

“Edge with a friend. Some people are into that,” responded someone.

Amazing work, Reddit. Never change.

While we don’t know for certain if the poster was intended to be as spicy as it came across, we can confirm that whoever wrote it deserves a raise.