UPDATE: A company with a history of scamming allegations has claimed to be the ones behind this viral ‘we’ll plant 1 tree for every pet pic’ trend. More about their alleged history of scamming here.

Chances are you’ve seen or even participated in a new trend on Instagram that asks you to take a cute pic of your pet, and in response *someone* will plant a tree. Well, it seems absolutely nobody knows who the fuck is planting these 696k (and counting) oak towers, so what’s going on.

If you’ve been on Instagram today, you probably saw a brand new sticker that reads “we’ll plant 1 tree for every pet picture,” with a cute little dog emoji slapped on the end for good measure.

Some folks are using it to share pics of their old pets who have recently passed away, showcase their feisty cats in action, or to just give everyone a much-needed serotonin boost with their gorgeous puppies.

I mean, some of you have golden retrievers that deserve to be on your stories every day, so I’m kind of glad that this random trend exists.

The question is though, who the fuck started it and where are they getting all these seeds from to plant our promised trees?

If you click on the ‘Add Yours’ sticker that this trend exists as, you won’t see a thing about anyone who has created the trend.

Instead, you’ll just see everyone you know who has participated in it.

Naturally, it’s going viral because of the cute pets aspect, but for the most part, it appears to be a random participation-bait trend without any real substance behind it.

A scam? I wouldn’t go that far, but there sure are a lot of bot accounts participating and promoting it. It seems to be less of an actual promise from a company, and more of a trend to create engagement and possibly attract followers.

A quick google search for the trend will only garner one result, a bunch of suspicious and recently made YouTube videos showing you how to participate in the trend.

Nobody is talking but a robot voice, and the comments are full of people asking who TF is planting the trees.

Here’s another example if you don’t believe me.

The closest thing to an answer comes from the same person asking who is planting the trees in the comments section, who received ambiguous answers.

According to YouTube page Tech Muster (which has only existed for 5 months), “it was started by one organisation but they deleted later,” apparently.

trees plant instagram trees plant instagram

I have so many questions, but for now, I am going to smile and enjoy the pet pics. I guess we really aren’t getting 696k trees after all.

Image: Instagram