Taking Le Piss: Remember When An Influencer Got Busted Supposedly Faking A Trip To Paris?

Remember that time a British influencer was slapped with accusations that she faked a trip to Paris after sharing a series of seemingly photoshopped pics on Instagram?

In the suss photos, influencer Jess Hunt appeared before the Eiffel Tower in Paris, walking in the middle of the street between cars.

“One of my fave cities,” she captioned the carousel of images.

The post was immediately pummelled with comments from fans crying “photoshop!”

Before long, the post was scooped up by Celeb Spellcheck, the infamous Insta page known for tracking influencers, and captioned with: “Virtual tourist.”

This led to a slew of comments from Celeb Spellcheck followers who called the influencer out for photoshopping the pics.

There was also a debate about whether or not it might be the Eiffel Tower at the Vegas hotel Paris Las Vegas.

One follower wrote that they “did the groundwork and can confirm it also isn’t the Eiffel tower @ Vegas.”

“What groundwork is that? Because it looks very much like it to me,” another follower replied.

“I was at the Eiffel Tower 2020. You 100% cannot drive underneath. It is a big garden and pedestrian area,” another follower interjected. “You can drive beside it – but as this video is – you cannot drive underneath like this.”

Celeb Spellcheck then jumped in and wrote: “Real video of the tower or not, she’s still photoshopped herself into it.”

Shortly after, it was picked up by Daily Mail Australia who painted the whole thing as a photoshop fail, writing: ‘Influencer Jess Hunt suffers a major Photoshop fail while posing in front of the Eiffel Tower – as she gushes Paris is ‘one of her favourite cities.’

But is it possible that this wasn’t a photoshop fail at all?

Maybe Jess is just bored in lockdown and felt like taking some cute pics and vids in her bedroom and photoshopped them in front of the Eiffel Tower to share some creative content? Ya know, have her Emily In Paris moment.

She didn’t make ‘Paris’ the location tag and she didn’t necessarily stipulate that she’s pretending to be in Paris. She’s just saying that she… likes Paris… and here’s some pics in a cute outfit to prove it. I dunno, just playing devil’s advocate here.

We’ve reached out to Jess to see what her intentions were but she has not responded.