An Influencer Says A Man Pissed On Her At Coachella & Was The Portaloo Line That Long Mate?

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With three-day-long benders, broken backs from blowup mattresses deflating in the middle of the night and terrain more suited to a pigsty, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a horror story from braving the crowds at a music festival. Not even cashed-up influencers taking on Coachella are immune, with one popular TikToker revealing the event isn’t as glamorous as ya IG feed makes it out to be after a man pissed on her during a DJ set.

Taking to everyone’s fave clock app, Audrey Trullinger revealed in a “Get Ready With Me” clip that she, like thousands of other partygoers, flocked to Indio, California last weekend, keen to get a big ol’ dose of good vibes.

However, “things started to go awry” while she enjoyed DJ Metro Boomin’s gig on Friday night.

“We were up front… so we stayed put between Two Friends and Metro Boomin[‘s sets] because we wanted to keep that spot,” Audrey recalled, noting that a number of guys hopped up on happy juice soon cosied up to the group.

“They were kind of giving weird vibes — falling over, slurring their words — but I wasn’t going to move, I was there the entire time,” she added.

audrey trullinger tiktok influencer coachella
TikToker Audrey Trullinger revealed her Coachella experience went “awry” during DJ Metro Boomin’s set on Friday night. Source: Instagram @audreytrullinger.

After the second gig had started, Trullinger felt what she first thought was someone spilling a drink on her.

“All of a sudden, I feel a liquid going down my leg and I’m like, ‘Oh my God is someone pouring their drink on me? Oh my God, it’s warm! Oh my God, I think that’s pee!’

“That guy fucking peed on my leg! I can’t even believe it. I wish I was kidding.”

And people, there are portaloos for a reason. Please use them, I don’t care how little toilet paper they have or how long the line is. Pissing in the mosh is just foul.

The 23-year-old told her 1.5 million TikTok followers she was in disbelief and began “screaming and crying” amid the crowd. It’s a miracle she didn’t vom, TBH.

A nearby festivalgoer-slash-true angel was able to provide Trullinger with a wet wipe to clean herself up.

Having been “slightly traumatised” (fair), she opted to leave the set after one song so she could shower (also fair).

Thankfully, Trullinger wasn’t put off from Coachella altogether, concluding her TikTok with one wish: “Looking forward to today, hoping I don’t get peed on.”


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At the time of writing, the clip has copped over 375,000 views and a shit-ton of comments from other users noting Trullinger’s experience isn’t uncommon.

“I’ve been peed on at a show too,” one festivalgoer noted.

“I got peed on during Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas during Subtropics in the front where NO ONE ELSE WAS. Worst experience ever,” another added.

“This straight up happened to me at [Governors] Ball Music Festival,” a third revealed and WTF. Are the people okay?

BRB, wrapping myself in clingwrap for my next gig…