I know I’m not alone when I say that memes have been a very simple and effective source of comic relief this year. Dumb memes, stupid birds and frogs, cooked stills of The Simpsons – all of it. But wholesome memes? Good lord, hook it to my veins. Over the last week or so, a great trend has surfaced on Twitter, where people are documenting their personal journeys – or how they’re doing through 2020, the decade year – noting How It Started, and they’re all so bloody wholesome.

Except for the pandemic life 2020 ones, those ones are just painfully, horribly real. I am in those tweets and it hurts me.

A lot of the super wholesome ones cropped up over the weekend for National Coming Out Day – where people in the LGBTQIA+ community celebrating the moment they came out to friends and family – by pinpointing the moment that kicked it all off for them.

Others are just really lovely moments of celebrating how much someone has developed their creative skills, or absolutely kicked personal goals.

The pet ones? Adorable. The best. All I want to see forever and ever.

Some are just… truly alarming.

NBA stans have also jumped on the meme, and as someone who has very little idea about NBA I have no idea what’s happening. Apparently it’s something about the Lakers making 2020 champs?

Oh and those pandemic/2020 energy ones? Look, I’m just gonna leave these here because they’re giving me way too many feelings to actually talk about it.

They might not directly be about the coronavirus pandemic or the incredible fallout we’ve seen across the world, or the fact that Melbourne is in like month seven (eight? I don’t know) of lockdowns, but they definitely have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that just hits hard.

This one though. This one fucken rules. And it’s from Sarah Snook, of all people.

Sure, ‘How It Started’ is now something wildly groundbreaking or life-changing (well, maybe a little of a life-change for the people posting them) but it’s a very nice chance to celebrate others’ glow-ups and successes. Especially considering just about everyone in Melbourne snapped a bit over the weekend.

Image: Twitter / FOX