I know TikTok stars have taken over the world and everything, but personally, I only use the video-sharing app for random shit like CleanTok and WitchTok (yes, they’re both real things – look ’em up!).

As for gorgeous people dancing? Eh, not really my thing.

That being said, I’ve always been bloody fascinated by how these folks went from average Joes (albeit unfairly gorgeous average Joes) to some of the richest people in the entertainment business, all thanks to their dancing vids.

One such TikTok star is Addison Rae who scores big bucks on the app. She recently stopped by David Dobrik‘s podcast Views with David Dobrik & Jason Nash where she explained how she rakes in the dollarydoos, just from sharing vids.

While the influencer didn’t spill exactly how much dosh she’s earned since joining TikTok, she revealed that the most she’s heard of someone being offered was USD$90,000 for one vid.

“That’s from what I know is, like, what someone’s been offered,” she said.

In response, Dobrik pointed out that it’s untrue that people get paid per video.

“So, like, everyone will do math and they’ll be like, ‘Addison Rae gets paid USD$45,000 per post,’” he said during the episode. “Oh, my god, she’s posted 30 times this [week], which means she’s made USD$18 million this week alone.’”

Rae then clarified that a post needs to be “branded” in order to gain any earnings from it.

Fellow guest Madison Beer also explained how she has heard of people making around USD$1 million for Instagram Stories that include a swipe-up link.

Dobrik said that YouTube, meanwhile, doesn’t have as many money-making opps for sponsored videos, saying, “It’s, like, USD$500,000 for an integration on YouTube, for like a 20 to 30-second plug, I would say.”

He also revealed that he used to make around USD$275,000 a month from ads, but that has since dropped to USD$2,000.

What a loser.*

*I’m being sarcastic. Copping $2K just for having an ad placed on your content is still pretty fucking cool.

Have a listen to the poddy ep for more details about social media stars and their earnings.