The Hawk Tuah Girl’s First Big Paychecks Have Been Revealed & They Ain’t Nothin’ To Spit On

Hailey Welch — famously known as Hawk Tuah Girl — has not only been basking in the limelight through celebrity meet ups and podcasts. The internet’s new It Girl has reportedly been raking in the big bucks with her newfound fame.

For folks who aren’t chronically online, Hailey Welch rose to fame a couple of weeks ago after she participated in a street interview with YouTubers Tim & Dee TV.

In the video, Welch was asked “what’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

In response, Welch said: “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang.”

Welch’s answer to the steamy question quickly circulated across social media, where she was then labelled the “Hawk Tuah Girl.”

Following her virality, Hawk Tuah Girl has met some pretty cool celebs — such as Zach Bryan and Shaquille O’Neal — and has started flogging her own merch that feature the famous “hawk tuah” quote.

But what’s super interesting about Welch’s fame is the amount of dough she’s reportedly been bloody collecting.

How much did Hailey Welch make from the Hawk Tuah viral video?

Although it’s not known how much money she made from the viral encounter — or if she was offered any dosh by the YouTubers — Page Six reported that Welch has “booked an appearance” at New York’s Memory Motel’s pop-up for more than $30,000.

The amount she’s been paid has yet to be confirmed by Welch herself, so please take the tea with a grain of salt, but still!!

A simple hawk tuah has reportedly led to Welch nabbing more than $30,000. That’s bloody ‘yugeeee!

I’m also assuming that’s in USD, so if it was Aussie dollarydoos, that would be AUD$44,424.69.

Yee-hawk-tuah! (Image source:

According to the event’s page, Hawk Tuah Girl will make an appearance at New York’s Memory Hotel in mid-July for a meet and greet.

Tickets are being sold between USD$45 to USD$55.

On top of that, the publication claims that Welch’s merchandise has already raked in more than $65,000 (again, assuming that’s in USD, so that would be AUD$96,253.49).

Per the Hawk Tuah website, the prices for Welch’s merchandise ranges from 30 to 55 bucks.

BRB, looking for one of them street interview ppl so I can get money. (Image source: Instagram / @haileywelch0fficial)

Look, with all this money and her recent signing to music management firm the Penthouse, per the Hollywood Reporter, it’ll be interesting to see how far she will go.

We love a meme success story and it’s what Hawk Tuah Girtl deserves, especially since she left her spring factory job.

Image source: YouTube / Time & Dee TV