I Have Watched This Video Of Harry Styles Reacting To A Fan’s Cool Trick At Least 500 Times

Social media is rife with intense, overwhelming content nowadays, from protest posts to information about COVID-19.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing, it’s great that the internet is being used to inform and educate, but it can be rather taxing to constantly see heavy topics discussed in our timeline. It’s always great to have a palette cleanser, so to speak, to boost our mood and mental health.

And here’s the latest so-called palette cleanser that’s doing the ’rounds online: a video of earthbound angel Harry Styles.

In the viral vid, a fan stops old m8 Haz on the street and offers to show him a neat trick. He proceeds to flip his hat and have it land on his head perfectly without touching it.

The One Direction singer’s shocked but impressed reaction as he says “oh shit!” is the cutest fucking thing you’ll ever see.

Check it out below:

Harry content has a been a great source of entertainment throughout 2020, everything from your boi jogging in short shorts to being sighted at a gym has sent the internet into a frenzy and, honestly, it’s been a welcome distraction.

Back in August, the singer went viral after pap pics showed him on a quick jaunt across the lush Italian capital city, Rome.




And earlier this month, a Harry Styles stan tweeted about her mother’s encounter with the man at a gym and it, too, went viral.

“Hey, um, my mum met Harry today at the gym and told him that I loved him and she said he was really nice and polite (and good looking),” she began.

“They joked that they were wearing the same colour shoes and I just wanted to share that he’s so cute. Thank u.”

She then discussed the v. important topic of Harry’s ever-growing facial hair:

“Also update on the moustache if anyone is interested???” she continued.

“This is kind of getting attention so yes, he shaved and no, they did not get a pic bc it’s a private trainer so would be a bit weird to ask for a pic (although I wish she did).”

Keep doing you, Harry. It’s a blessing to us all.