Remember that guy who was swallowed by a whale, spat out and lived to to tell the tale? Well, he’s now answering everyone’s questions about the ordeal on Reddit (via his son) and some of the answers are gold.

ICYMI: Michael Packard (a lobster diver in Provincetown, Massachusetts) went fishing for lobsters on Friday and was suddenly swallowed by a whale. He’s now become a bit of a legend, and has booked a heap of appearances on daytime TV programs.

Off the back of his new-found fame, Packard’s son Jacob has decided to answer anyone’s pressing questions on Reddit, because his dad “isn’t the most internet savvy.”

Packard wasn’t afraid to answer anyone’s questions (and I guess you wouldn’t be after literally being swallowed by a whale). He also reckons that if there’s ever a Netflix movie about being swallowed by a whale, he wants Matt Damon to play him.

Why did the whale swallow you? Was it just looking for krill? 

M: Yes. It likely accidentally ran into me while scouring for krill.

Was the whale’s tongue smooth like a dogs or scratchy like a cats?

M: I was in a dry suit, couldn’t really tell. Also, the mouth was filled with water.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen while under the surface diving for lobsters?

M: A dead body.

How do you feel about all the attention and news stories?

J: (He is very overwhelmed. He’s a simple dude.)

What actor do you want play you in the future Netflix movie?

M: Matt Damon.

(His wife says Sean Penn.)

Has it deterred you at all from your job, or is it business as usual for yourself?

J: (Speaking as Jacob, I don’t even need to ask this. I have no doubt in my mind he will do everything he can to keep diving, it’s his life and passion.)

Jacob, how do you plan to top your father’s story?

J: Swallowing a whale

You can check out the full Reddit thread here.

Image: Getty Images / Auscape