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Grindr is a truly chaotic place, where you can peer deep into the souls and holes of gay men in your area, and a new Instagram account is making it even more chaotic, by taking some of the horniest messages on the app and transforming them into bops.

Pop Grindr takes real, thirsty DMs and sets them to cute melodies (headphones are recommended if you’re watching on the bus), and honestly, a sentiment like “smell my hole while I piss on u and cum” sounds kinda sweet when delivered in song form:

So does “I wish I could feel your weight standing on me and treating me like a doormat and footrest, suck your toes while you jerked”:

PEDESTRIAN tracked down the creator of the account, Adam Shenk, and asked him exactly what inspired him to start it up.

He told us that, as a musician who lost work in 2020 thanks to COVID, he wound up with time on his hands and an inbox full of horny messages, so he combined them:

As an active Grindr user (way less active after the pandemic hit, of course), I was used to getting all kinds of messages, from the mundane to the outrageous, and I would often screenshot them and post to my stories on IG. In July of 2020 I was cat-sitting in Brooklyn and suddenly had the idea to take the messages and turn them into bite-sized pop songs. The idea for Pop Grindr was born, and I excitedly threw the account together, and then worked on my first tunes. People seemed to get a kick out of it, so I kept going.”

So far, all the messages on the site are ones that Shenk has personally received, but his inbox is wide open, and he encourages followers to send him through their own. As to whether there is any content simply too cursed to post he tells us:

“So far, I think the dirtiest one is the third one I created (starts with “Smell My Hole”). I’d like to think that nothing’s off limits, but I do worry about getting banned by Instagram. So far, I’ve only had one that was removed by Instagram. It wasn’t dirty, but it was one of those Grindr bot messages, so it may have been interpreted as spam.”

You can see more here.

Image: Getty Images / Avishek Das